Featured Presenters: Michele Chambers & Christine Doig


Michele Chambers is the VP Products and CMO at Continuum Analytics. She is the author of Big Data Big Analytics, Modern Analytics Methodologies, and Advanced Analytics Methodologies. 

Michele is a 20-year veteran in advanced analytics, having served as the COO/President at RapidMiner, VP/GM of Advanced Analytics at Netezza (IBM), and Chief Strategy & Products Officer at Revolution Analytics (Microsoft). 

She holds a MBA from Duke University and a BS in Computer Engineering.


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Open data science languages - R and Python - offer tremendous advantages over legacy, proprietary products like SAS and MATLAB. You can embrace modern innovation, attract a new generation of data scientists, and go from ad hoc analysis to production models in one platform that embraces the open source ecosystem. 

But how does your enterprise make this transition without descending into anarchy? How can you embrace open source without entering into a quagmire of technical, process, and legal issues? How can you embrace R, Python, and their thousands of powerful analytic packages without their accompanying governance and legal risks? How do you see through the legacy vendor FUD and make open source work?

We're here to help - Continuum Analytics VP Products/CMO Michele Chambers and Sr. Data Scientist Christine Doig will help you embark on your enterprise's journey to open data science in this on-demand webinar.

You'll learn how to:

  • Drive collaboration and true data science teamwork through open data science
  • Mitigate legal risk through indemnification and appropriate package selection
  • Democratize innovation through broad access to open data science tools
  • Bring advanced analytics to Excel-loving analysts with Anaconda Fusion


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The Journey to Open Data Science

Embracing Innovation without Anarchy

Deliver Innovation, Collaboration, and Interoperability

Journey to Open Data Science

Embracing Innovation Without Anarchy

Deliver Innovation and Interoperability with Open Source Tools


Christine Doig is a Senior Data Scientist at Continuum Analytics, where she worked on MEMEX, a DARPA-funded project helping stop human trafficking.

She has 5+ years of experience in analytics, operations research, and machine learning in a variety of industries, including energy, manufacturing, and banking.

Christine holds a MS in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. She is an open source advocate and has spoken at PyData, EuroPython, SciPy, PyCon, and many other conferences.

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